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Studying for the Obstetric and Neonatal Quality and Safety (C-ONQS) Exam? 
Or do you want to learn more about obstetric and neonatal quality and safety?  
You're in the right place!

Current Work and Website Goals

Jeanette has released a study guide for the Obstetric and Neonatal Quality and Safety (C-ONQS) exam that is offered through the National Certification Corporation. The book also functions as a quality and safety reference guide for frontline nurses and nurse leaders who specialize in labor and delivery, mother baby, and neonatal care. Learn more here: C-ONQS_Amazon


This website was originally developed to provide C-ONQS content and help support studying for the exam. Readers shared that this material also serves as a valuable quality and safety resource for: new and seasoned nurses, and nursing faculty in student instruction. 

What's different about this information?  It's written through the lens of an insider and offers case examples to bring the content to life, along with practical tips and suggestions. 

As a next step, be in the know! Join the email group to receive articles and other helpful materials on a regular basis. This may include links to recent podcast discussions, speaking engagements, and other resource information. Feedback is encouraged in order to better understand and meet your needs.

Jeanette Zocco


Angie Wise

Angie Wise MSN, RNC-MNN, C-ONQS 

Thank you for sending out the very helpful weekly emails for C-ONQS prep. Not only do I find them extremely useful, but quite interesting reading as well!!! 


Your articles really helped me put a realistic and applicable eye on things, I can use your information in real-time. They were in depth enough to understand, yet, not so lengthy that I couldn’t read and reread in a few minutes. 

Vickie Aberbook

Vickie Aberbook RNC-OB, C-EFM, MSN, CNS

I have been so grateful and pleased with receiving articles from Jeanette for the last eleven months as I prepare and study for the Certification in Obstetrics and Neonatal Quality (C-ONQS) examination.  

During the last year I have received articles supplying information regarding every topic one would need to study as he/she gets ready for the test.  

I loved that the articles are short and succinct and elucidate the topics in an easy manner.  So much better for me than having to study through different textbooks.  I actually looked forward to getting the information every week!

I just have to truly thank Jeanette for her endeavors and sharing her expertise.   

Deanna Starr Williams

Deanna Starr Williams, MSN, RN, C-ONQS

I work long hours as a Director in a Hospital setting and studying at the end of the day was hard sometimes due to fatigue and decreased attention span. I read through Jeanette’s OB-Neonatal Study Guide as a supplement to my C-ONQS review course.   The articles are well written, easy to digest, interesting, and they explain concepts in a way that deepens your understanding. The OB Neonatal Study Guide helped me to focus on the key points that ultimately made my test taking process less stressful.  I highly recommend this study guide not only for studying for the C-ONQS exam, but also for providing bite sized education that you can share with staff nurses to increase their knowledge of OB and Neonatal quality, ethics, and risk topics and how influential they are at the front line to improve them.   

Thank you!!

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